Society Hill East
Condominium Association

Community Resources

Sifting through the yellow pages can be time consuming
 and tedious. Our new community resource page aims
to help you cut down some of that wasted time.

Just click on the business cards below to see
additional information about the vendors.

Remember, this page is new so there are not many
vendors listed yet. Check back periodically for more entries.

Please note Society Hill East, nor MEM Property Management
endorses any of the following vendors. The vendors listed here are referrals only! Neither Society Hill East nor MEM Property Management, its employees, affiliates, or volunteers are responsible for any work performed by the vendors listed on this site.

All vendors are required to meet the New Jersey
requirements for licenses and insurance
(liability and workmen's Comp) in order to be listed on this site.

If you are a vendor and you would like to list your business please
read, complete, and submit this 
application for review. 


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