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Modification forms: Before making changes to any part of the exterior and select parts of the interior of your unit you must complete a modification application and receive approval from the Board of Trustees.

This Application and the completed License Agreement must accompany all modification requests.

Some modifications may also require special permits from the East Brunswick Township.   You can call them at 732-390-6875

  1. Window(s)
  2. Utility Closet Door
  3. Storm Door
  4. Front Entry Door
  S. Satellite Dish
  6. Storage Shed
  7. Patio  
  8. Sliding Glass Door
  9.  Hot Water
 10. HVAC

There are no specifications available for requests 9-11 at this time. However, you must still complete the Application and License Agreement.

11. Florida Room
12. Attic Fan
13. Personal Garden 

Once you have completed the modification application, you must submit it to the management office along with the required deposit, the plans or a drawing of what you are proposing to modify, a copy of your contractor's license and valid liability and workmen's comp insurance coverage.

An approval or denial response will be given in one to three business days after submission of all required documents and fees.

After the work has been completed call the managment office to schedule an inspection of your modification. If the work is approved, you will recieve your deposit back along with verification of your approved status.

Please note the Association only inspects modifications for compliance. Workmenship is the sole responsibility of the contractor. 




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