Society Hill East
Condominium Association

Insurance Coverage

If your mortgage broker asked for a copy of the
Association's Master Insurance policy or if you have any
other questions concerning the Association's insurance coverage
call Margo Berzito at 732-837-1041
 Jacobson, Goldfarb, and Scott, 
JGS Insurance Agency

It is very important for homeowners to know that

the Association's Insurance does not cover their personal
belongings or that of their tenant, if applicable.

Residents of a Condominium Association  should obtain
a HO6 Insurance policy.


A fire is just one of many things
that could happen to your home.
Please remember to obtain and manage an insurance coverage.

Don't risk your life or the life
of someone you love.

Report all accidents or incidents
to the Property Manager by   
calling 732-254-7763 or 

In the event of a true emergency
call: 911
A true emergency involves
a  life or death matter.

For property emergencies call:

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